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Sunday 11 December

Keynote address

Virach Sornlertlamvanich (Thai Computational Linguistics Laboratory, NICT, Thailand).

Monday 12 December

Paper presentations

Web Searcher Interactions with Multiple Federate Content Collections
Amanda Spink (Queensland University of Technology), Bernard J. Jansen (The Pennsylvania State University), Chris Blakely (Infospace, Inc), Sherry Koshman (University of Pittsburgh)

Document modelling for customised information delivery
Shijian Lu, Cecile Paris and Mingfang WU (CSIRO ICT Centre)

Readability of French as a Foreign Language and its Uses
Alexandra Uitdenbogerd (RMIT University)

In Search of Reliable Retrieval Experiments
William Webber and Alistair Moffat (The University of Melbourne)

Document Expansion versus Query Expansion for Ad-hoc Retrieval
Bodo Billerbeck and Justin Zobel (RMIT University)

ePOC: Mobile Clinical Information Access and Diffusion in Ambulatory Care Service Settings
Peter Eklund and Jason Sargent (University of Wollongong)

An Experimental Study of Workflow and Collaborative Document Authoring in Medical Research
Venkata Nallaparaju, Gitesh K. Raikundalia (Victoria University), Caroline Brand, Christopher Bain and Ana Hutchinson (Melbourne Health)

Applying Formal Concept Analysis to Semantic File Systems Leveraging Wordnet
Ben Martin (The University of Queensland) and Peter Eklund (The University of Wollongong) Chair: Justin Zobel

Biomedical Named Entity Recognition System
Jon Patrick and Yefeng Wang (University of Sydney)

Cross Training and Under Sampling in Categorization of Company Announcements
Cheng Weng and Josiah Poon (The University of Sydney)

Recommending Geocaches
Andrew Trotman, Timothy Jones and Chris Handley (University of Otago)

Accepted papers should be emailed to with "ADCS Accepted Paper" in the subject line. Papers must comply with the formatting guidelines and must be straightforward PDF documents (no fancy fonts or formatting that might become invisible on my printer). Please remember to include the required publication attribution footnote on the first page, and to switch off any page numbering and headers/footers that you may have been using.

At least one author of each accepted paper or short paper is required to register for the symposium at the time that the camera-ready copy is submitted. If two or more authors want to register, that is even better :-)


Registration information is linked here.