ADCS 2008 - Australasian Document Computing Symposium


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The Thirteenth Australasian Document Computing Symposium (ADCS 2008) was hosted by the CSIRO ICT Centre at Tasmanian ICT Centre, Hobart on Monday 8 December, 2008.

This site will be a permanent repository of the material presented at ADCS 2008.

Aim of the symposium

ADCS 2008 was an opportunity for researchers and practitioners in document management and information retrieval to meet and present their work. The symposium aimed to cover all aspects of Document Computing - issues ranging from the fundamentals of document architectures and standards for markup, through storage, management, retrieval, authentication and workflow, to active and virtual documents. The symposium emphasised both commercial and academic issues by encouraging a variety of submissions.

ADCS was co-located with ALTW, the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2008 which was held immediately afterwards on Dec 9-10th. There was a joint keynote speaker and dinner for both conferences on Monday night.

Topics of interest

The symposium topics include (but are not restricted to) the following:

Important dates

The symposium has finished.

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