Call for ADCS 2019 Encore Track

When relevant research is being published in many different forms and venues, it can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest, important research findings. To help remedy this, the Encore Track was introduced to provide a forum to bring together the local community. By inviting previously-published work for encore presentation at ADCS, we seek to foster further interactions among researchers and further broaden the dissemination and impact of important work in the field.

We invite submission of recently published, high-quality research papers for encore presentation at ADCS. Submissions must have been published, in-press, or accepted for publication since October 1, 2018 in another well-known scholarly venue (i.e., journal, conference, book chapter, etc.) like, for example, conferences like SIGIR, WSDM, WWW, CIKM, ECIR, CHIIR, and ICTIR as well as journals like, for example, TOIS, IPM, IR Journal, JASIST, and TKDE.

Authors of accepted submissions will be invited to present their work during the main conference as a poster, while particularly noteworthy work may be invited for oral presentation. Authors wishing to be considered for oral presentation only may specify this in their submission. A link to the (official, copyrighted version) of the previously published version of any accepted paper will be posted on the conference website, and author and paper details will be included in the official conference program.

Review Process. Because papers have already been peer-reviewed for prior publication, authors will receive acceptance decisions without any additional peer-reviews. Acceptance decisions will consider not only the merit of the individual submission, but also its relation to other accepted papers in terms of bringing additional diversity to the overall conference. As a result, we stress that high-quality submissions may be declined due to no fault of their own, but rather due to overall needs of the conference in creating a highly-diverse program for conference attendees.


Please send a copy of your previously published paper in PDF file-format to, specifying the Encore Track at ADCS 2019. Please also provide the official URL for the paper (i.e., to the publisher's copy on their website, not the author's personal copy). If the paper has only been accepted for publication but is not in-press or published (i.e., its publication cannot be verified by publisher URL), please submit also a PDF file providing evidence of the paper's acceptance (e.g., acceptance notification e-mail).


Contact us at and

Important Dates (deadlines assume AoE timezone)

November 10, 2019: Submissions due
November 15, 2019: Notification
December 5-6, 2019: Conference