Call for Papers

Aim of the Symposium

ADCS 2021 is an opportunity for researchers and practitioners in document computing and information retrieval to meet and present their work. The symposium aims to cover all aspects of Document Computing - issues ranging from the fundamentals of document architectures and standards for markup, through storage, management, retrieval, authentication and workflow, to active and virtual documents. The symposium emphasises both commercial and academic issues by encouraging a variety of submissions.

Topics of Interest

The symposium topics include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • Cognitive Aspects of Documents
  • Digital Libraries
  • Document Databases
  • Document Standards (XML, SGML, etc.)
  • Document Summarisation
  • Enterprise Search
  • Evaluation
  • Human Factors in Search and Retrieval
  • Interactive Information Retrieval
  • Multimedia Document Management
  • Multimedia Resource Discovery
  • Natural Language Techniques and Documents
  • Personalised Documents
  • Retrieval Models and Ranking
  • Search Engine Architectures and Scalability
  • User Studies Involving Documents and Information Access Systems
  • Web Documents
  • Web Search


ADCS 2021 will not differentiate between "full" and "short" papers, adopting the successful approach trialled at ICTIR 2021. Instead, papers must be between 2 and 9 pages for content, with an unrestricted amount of additional pages for references. That is, the minimum submission length is 2 pages plus references, and the maximum submission length is 9 pages plus references. Papers should be written such that the length is proportional to the contribution.

Ethical Considerations

ADCS 2021 will introduce an optional "Ethical Considerations" section, where authors are invited to include a statement on the ethical considerations and the wider impacts of their research where applicable. Authors are urged to read the ACM Code of Ethics and to ensure that their work conforms to the code.

Paper Formatting and Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, in PDF format and formatted using the ACM "sigconf" template, also available on Overleaf. Please ensure your manuscript has been anonymized for double blind review.

Papers will be submitted using Easy Chair.

Paper Reviewing

All submissions will be fully refereed using a double blind refereeing process at their full published length. Referees will assess whether the paper is an appropriate length with respect to the content. Submissions which are not anonymized, are under or over the page limit, or do not follow the formatting guidelines will be rejected without review.

Publishing and Attendance

Submissions must be original work, not previously published elsewhere, and not currently submitted to any other conference or journal.

Submission of a paper should be regarded as an undertaking that, should the paper be accepted, at least one of the authors will attend the virtual symposium to present the work. Note also that it is insufficient for an author to register as fulfilling this obligation.

In past symposia, electronic copies of accepted papers have been available through the ACM Digital Library as part of the ICPS collection. We therefore expect that authors of accepted papers will have to sign the ACM rights management form to comply with publication in the ACM digital library. For more information see the ACM authors page.

Virtual Symposium

ADCS 2021 will be organised as a virtual seminar series with a weekly one-hour slot. As such, we expect the conference to be delivered over the course of a few months, with each weekly slot allowing time for one or two presentations, discussion, and socialisation. Finally, we hope to be able to convene for a small in-person event during 2022, but this is of course dependent on a number of unknowns at this time.