ADCS 2021

25th Australasian Document Computing Symposium
Virtual Seminar Series

The 25th Australasian Document Computing Symposium will run in 2021, hosted by RMIT University and The University of Melbourne. Due to the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, ADCS will run as an online seminar series.

ADCS is an opportunity for researchers and practitioners in document computing and information retrieval (IR) to meet and present their work. The symposium aims to cover all aspects of Document Computing - issues ranging from the fundamentals of document architectures and standards for markup, through storage, management, retrieval, authentication and workflow, to active and virtual documents. The symposium emphasises both commercial and academic issues by encouraging a variety of submissions from both.

ADCS 2020 was supposed to run in Melbourne but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The call for papers is live. We hope to see your work submitted soon.

Princes Pier image licensed via Creative Commons.