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Researchers and practitioners in document management and information retrieval, particularly postgraduate students, are invited to submit a structured abstract (maximum one page) to be presented as a poster at ADCS 2006. The submissions will be reviewed by the program chairs.

We encourage submissions describing work in progress or submissions describing problems where the student may benefit from feedback from other attendees at the symposium. Demonstrations of systems are also very welcome.

ADCS will be held over one day and will include several keynote talks and the presentation of about 10 research papers.


The abstract must be less than one page. It must contain 4 sections: Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusion. References should also be included were appropriate. A sample abstract is located on the conference www page.


Abstract submissions must be sent to ah.spink@qut.edu.au as a PDF email file attachment (no exceptions) by the due date. Abstracts must be structured as outlined above. Abstracts in the incorrect format will not be accepted.