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P. Bruza, A. Spink and R. Wilkinson (eds). Proceedings of the Eleventh Australasian Document Computing Symposium. Faculty of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. December 2006. ISBN: 1 74107 140 2

All ADCS activities except the dinner will take place in the Gardens Theatre, Queensland University of Technology.  

Sunday 10 December


4:00-4:45pm Registration


6:00pm - 10:00pm ADCS Conference Dinner

A pre-conference dinner will be held on Sunday evening (December 10). The location is The Ship Inn starting at 6.00pm. (Note the price of the dinner is not included in the registration fee - so everyone will have to cover the cost of dinner and drinks themselves)

The Ship Inn is easy to find - it lies at the corner of Sidon and Stanley streets, in the Southbank Parklands. The best way to find it is to walk to the southern end of the "Goodwill bridge". (The pedestrian bridge - QUT is at northern end of this same bridge)


Monday 11 December


8:30am Registration


9:00am Invited Talk

Chair: Ross Wilkinson


Robert Dale (Macquarie University)


10:00am Morning Tea


10:30am Paper Presentations

Chair: Amanda Spink


Some Observations on User Search Behavior

Yuye Zhang and Alistair Moffat (University of Melbourne)


Examining the Pseudo-Standard Web Search Engine Results Page

Andrew Turpin and Falk Scholer (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)


Improving Rankings in Small-Scale Web Search Using Click Implied Descriptions

David Hawking, Tom Rowlands and Matt Adcock (CSIRO)


My Instant Expert

George Ferizis and Peter Bailey (CSIRO)


12:00pm Lunch and Poster Session

Dual Interactive Information Retrieval

Vitaliy Vitsentiy (Queensland University of Technology)


Enhanced Web-Based Translation Extraction for English-Chinese CLIR

Chengye Lu, Yue Xu and Shlomo Geva (Queensland University of Technology)


1:00pm Paper Presentations

Chair: Alistair Moffat


Preliminary Investigations into Ontology-Based Collection Selection

John D. King and Peter D. Bruza (Queensland University of Technology)


Document Related Awareness Elements in Synchronous Collaborative Authoring

Gitesh K. Raikundalia and Hao Lan Zhang (Victoria University)


A Sequence Based Recommender System (for Learning Resources)

Dean Cummins, Kalina Yacef and Irena Koprinska (University of Sydney)


Information Access Efficiency: A Measure and Case Study

Shijian Lu and Cecile Paris (CSIRO)


2:30pm Afternoon Tea


3.00pm Paper Presentations

Chair: Peter Bruza


The Performance of Query Formation Interfaces for XML Retrieval

Alan Woodley, Shlomo Geva and Sylvia Lauretta Edwards (Queensland University of Technology)


InexBib – Retrieving XML Elements Based on External Evidence

Alexander H Krumpholz and David Hawking (CSIRO)


Element Retrieval Using a Passage Retrieval Approach

Weihua Huang, Andrew Trotman and Richard O’Keefe


Differentiating Document Type and Author Personality for Linguistic Features

Scott Nowson (Macquarie University) and Jon Oberlander (Edinburgh University)


4:30 Closing Chat

A representative of a range of organisations present will each be asked on the spot to tell the conference what they are working on in the area of document computing (at most 5 minutes, verbal presentations only).

Options for ADCS 2007 will also be discussed.


5:00pm Symposium Close