Proceedings of ADCS 2009

Chair's preface and other front matter


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Mark Sanderson

Session 1

Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems based on Popular Tags
Huizhi Liang, Yue Xu, Yuefeng Li and Richi Nayak
External Evaluation of Topic Models
David Newman, Sarvnaz Karimi and Lawrence Cavedon
Id - Dynamic Views on Static and Dynamic Disassembly Listings
Nicholas Sherlock and Andrew Trotman
Interestingness Measures for Multi-Level Association Rules
Gavin Shaw, Yue Xu and Shlomo Geva
Do Users Find Looking at Text More Useful than Visual Representations? A Comparison of Three Search Result Interfaces
Hilal Al Maqbali, Falk Scholer, James A. Thom and Mingfang Wu

Session 2

Random Indexing K-tree
Chris De Vries, Lance De Vine and Shlomo Geva
Modelling Disagreement Between Judges for Information Retrieval System Evaluation
Andrew Turpin and Falk Scholer
University Student Use of the Wikipedia
Andrew Trotman and David Alexander
Feature Selection and Weighting in Sentiment Analysis
Tim O'Keefe and Irena Koprinska
The Use of Topic Representative Words in Text Categorization
Su Nam Kim, Timothy Baldwin and Min-Yen Kan


N-Gram Word Segmentation for Chinese Wikipedia Using Phrase Mutual Information
Ling-Xiang Tang, Shlomo Geva, Andrew Trotman and Yue Xu
An Automatic Question Generation Tool for support Sourcing and Integration in Students' Essays
Ming Liu and Rafael A. Calvo
You Are What You Post: User-level Features in Threaded Discourse
Marco Lui and Timothy Baldwin
Investigating the use of Association Rules in Improving Recommender Systems
Gavin Shaw, Yue Xu and Shlomo Geva
The Methodology of Manual Assessment in the Evaluation of Link Discovery
Wei Che (Darren) Huang, Andrew Trotman and Shlomo Geva
Web Indexing on a Diet: Template Removal with the Sandwich Algorithm
Tom Rowlands, Paul Thomas and Stephen Wan
Analyzing Web Multimedia Query Reformulation Behavior
Liang-Chun Jack Tseng, Dian Tjondronegoro and Amanda Spink
Term Clustering based on Lengths and Co-occurrences of Terms
Michiko Yasukawa and Hidetoshi Yokoo
WriteProc: A Framework for Exploring Collaborative Writing Processes
Vilaythong Southavilay, Kalina Yacef and Rafael A. Calvo
An Analysis of Lyrics Questions on Yahoo! Answers: Implications for Lyric / Music Retrieval Systems
Sally Jo Cunningham and Simon Laing
Positive, Negative, or Mixed? Mining Blogs for Opinions
Xiuzhen Zhang, Zhixin Zhou and Mingfang Wu