ADCS 2008 Proceedings: contents

Chair's preface and other front matter


Quo vadis information retrieval research
Kal Järvelin
Syntactic and semantic structure in web search queries
Rosie Jones

Session 1

Term-frequency surrogates in text similarity computations
Stefan Pohl and Alistair Moffat
MetaView: Dynamic metadata based views of user files
James Bunton, Judy Kay, and Bob Kummerfeld
On the relevance of documents for semantic representation
Laurianne Sitbon and Peter Bruza
Exploring the benefit of contextual information for boosting TREC Genomic IR performance
Bader Aljaber, Nicola Stokes, James Bailey, and Yi Li
WebKnox: Web knowledge extraction
David Urbansky and Jamie Thom

Session 2

Anonymous folksonomies for small enterprise webs: a case study
Tom Rowlands, David Hawking, and Ramesh Sankaranarayana
Best student paper
The effect of using pitch and duration for symbolic music retrieval
Iman S. H. Suyoto and Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd
Best paper
Extraction of named entities from tables in gene mutation literature
Wern Wong, David Martinez, and Lawrence Cavedon

Session 3

Facilitating biomedical systematic reviews using ranked text retrieval and classification
David Martinez, Sarvnaz Karimi, Lawrence Cavedon, and Timothy Baldwin
Parameter sensitivity in rank-biased precision
Yuye Zhang, Laurence A. F. Park, and Alistair Moffat

Session 4 (joint with ALTA)

Querying linguistic annotations
Sumukh Ghodke and Steven Bird
Using collaboratively constructed document collections to simulate real world object comparisons
Karl Grieser, Timothy Baldwin, Fabian Bohnert, and Liz Sonenberg